Schlagwort: robot army


01 Radioactive Man – Engine EP
02 Ugandan Methods – AM 06
03 Neil Landstrumm – Killekill 06
04 Sei A – Flux
05 Wraith – Axes Drop
06 Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Night Voyage Tool Kit
07 Bounce – Drop The Ball
08 Boysnoize – Session Part 1 B side
09 Goldffinch – Point of Entry
10 Tessela – Channel
11 Peter van Hoesen – T2X 19 B2 track
12 Randomer – Scruff Box
13 Aaron Carl – Down (Original Mix)
14 Sendai – A refusal to celebrate a statistical probability.


Crazy Language is coming up with a huge line-up for their floor at next Robot Army-invasion! Mark the 04.02.2012 in the calendar!

04.02.12 Crazy Language vs. BrainstormLab @Robot Army

Datacrashrobot/Randomform (.ro) – live
Ralp (.es) – live
XZICD (.pt) – live
JFrank (.it) – live
Huron (.de) – live
Axiom (.de) – dj

Lasal (.es) – visuals
Sarge Grafx (.de) – visuals

Bringing together two very distinctive labels for tonight, this event
will showcase a wide range of experimental electronic music for the
Berlin crowd and the already popular Robot Army event.

Berlin’s own CRAZY LANGUAGE, founded in 2006 has gathered a recognizable
cult following due to the accessibility of it’s releases, bringing the
best out of two worlds together: pleasant, spacey and intricate
melodies, always followed closely by precise beat work.

Rome based BRAINSTORMLAB brings to the show the intricate complexity of
today’s modern glitch music. Founded in 1998 as a collaborative project
for audio visual creations, it is known to date for varied styles, theme
based compilations and dub plates, the guiding principle of the label
has always been the release of very distinctive, complex and high
quality audiovisual artifacts.

Expect this event to be a syncretic audiovisual experiment, featuring a
wide range of styles in perfect harmony with Berlin’s night scene. From
fast paced beats to mellow and rhythmic harmonies, mechanical glitches
gliding through analog and digital sets, variety and quality will be
delivered. Prepare both your feet and brain to dance till the break of dawn!

Get ready to experience the automated, cold and glitchy prowess works of
RANDOMFORM/​DATACRASHROBOT; the placid, warming and rhythmic HURON,
XZICD’s genre blending, organic and blundering set; RALP’s fast paced
beats, intricate sound design with 8bit influences and JFRANK’s funky
sci-fi analog/digital set. Finally AXIOM will DJ till the break of dawn
with an eclectic danceable set.

Visuals will be handled by Berlin’s residents LASAL and its audio
reactive artifacts and Crazy-Language’s own artwork designer and video
creator SARGE GRAFX, bringing rhythm to the visual performance.

We were supposed to have a decent finnishing setence here, but screw it,
we’re dry.

SEE YA !!!

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electronic music